Spacon & X, short for Spatial Conversion & Cross-functionalism, is a Copenhagen based design and architecture studio. We work on a wide range of scales, from products to interior organization to larger building projects, as well as developing concepts and ideas for optimizing space and providing spatial identities for spaces in any shape or size. We believe that the key to the fusion of these different scale and design abilities, is to always work with personalized and holistic design logics, in combination with having a close relationship with clients, suppliers, builders and other collaborators.

Our aim with the term Spatial Conversion, is to create flexible space that, no matter its size, seamlessly converts itself to varying activities and needs. With Cross-functionalism, our belief is that every surface and volume can serve more than one purpose, and that spaces can be optimized in order for multiple functions and activities to occur over time, on the same square meters.

By doing this, we believe that it is possible to develop better ways of living and working in an urban context, where shortage of space is a key issue. By rethinking the way that we are currently understanding and consuming space, we are confident that we can develop optimized and sustainable solutions, for an improved everyday urban life.


Spacon & X houses 20 employees with a variety of different backgrounds, from architects and interior designers, to design engineers, building constructors and experience economist.

The studio was founded in 2014 by architect Nikoline Dyrup Carlsen and scenographic designer and advertising producer Svend Jacob Pedersen. Architect Malene Hvidt joined as a partner in 2015.


Bopa Plads
Løgstørgade 2, Baghuset
2100 Copenhagen

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