Type: Set Design
Client: Tuborg
Location: Roskilde Festival, Denmark
Status: Completed, July 2019

Awards: FRAME Award 2020 Nominee - Set Design of the Year
Photos by: Simon Heger Knudsen and Spacon & X

Spatial identity

How to Build a Blanket Fort is a maze of colorful textiles, semi-transparent walls, flowy ceiling and abstract objects creating the set of this year’s Tuborg Lounge, at Roskilde Festival 2019. A point for social gathering created in collaboration between Spacon & X, Galleri V1 and the artist duo Frederik Nystrup-Larsen and Oliver Sundqvist.

The Blanket Fort embodies a playful atmosphere which strives to disarm any potential pretentious attitude brought to the VIP lounge. The design aims to inspire the guests to let go of reality and onboard the journey into their own childish imagination and memories of building, hiding and playing in a blanket fort.

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