Retail Store (150 m²)  
Client: Ace & Tate
Status: Completed June 2017
Awards: Dezeen award 2018, long list revealed: Retail interior
Frame award winner 2018, Emerging designer of the year society

For the eye-wear brand Ace & Tate, we wanted to express and expand the visual identity of the brand, by creating a subtle experience of entering an artist space when visiting the store. On a white and clean background, we have designed a spatial colour-combination, adding a play-full aesthetic, and making the products stand out from the walls. We have designed different try-out stands, where costumers can try the different products with a feeling of standing in a rather private zone. They are made of oak, adding a tactile and warm feeling to the space, while their blue frames elaborate the spatial, graphic language of the space.

photo by Wouter van der Sar



Bopa Plads
Løgstørgade 2, Baghuset
2100 Copenhagen

︎ @spaconandx