Type: Workspaces
Collaborator: BB Amsterdam
Location: Amsterdam 
Status: In progess

Photos by: BB Amsterdam, Hedda Rysstad

Digital design agency Bakken & Bæck Amsterdam approached Spacon & X with their brief of extending their existing brand identity into a new office space located while making each space different and unique from a monochromatic scheme. The concept of retro influence was used as a starting point for the design of the new space.


The office design maximizes the use of natural light by taking advantage of the water shore located adjacent to the building. By reflecting the light at the entrance using a 45 degree mirror, the room connects with the shore and creates an open, bright interior. The space is divided into three zones - public common areas, semi-private meeting rooms, and a column of desks, with a doubling of an existing office for a digital design agency in Amsterdam.

The desk area incorporates optical illusions that play with light from the entrance and darkness from the sea to create a dynamic and engaging environment for employees. The central feature of the office is a raised platform made from cork, which brings nature into the space and can be used for various purposes, such as talks or meetings. A 4-meter long dining/standing/meeting table dominates the space during the day, offering versatility and flexibility to the team.

To enhance the retro vibe of Bakken & Bæck Amsterdam, the design incorporates a glass block wall and a bed reminiscent of vintage styles. The walls and ceilings are painted in light yellow, with tufted works on the walls that bleed up and reflection legs of the sea on the ceiling, adding to the overall atmosphere of the space.

In essence, Spacon & X have created a unique and inspiring office design that extends the Bakken & Bæck Amsterdam brand identity while reflecting the location’s unique characteristics. The use of natural light, retro-inspired features, and engaging design elements make this office an innovative and stimulating space.

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