Type: Residential
Client: Private
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: Completed, 2014

As two appartments had to merge, the client needed a staircase in the middle of the already existing kitchen and therefore needed to optmize the space, thus the room wouldn’t become cut of by the staircase. Break Down the boundries between room and furniture and make those two fuse into one, thus the staircase become more than a connection between two floors. Create a visual connection and optimised use af daylight in all room, but with a maintained intimacy in each room.

We have designed a staircase, kitchen area and 1st floor by using bright and light materials bringing the light through the rooms and new technologies, such as crystalising glass and lighting kitchen doors in semi-tranparent Corian. The glass are used as a partition from kitchen to guestroom and can be crystalised and become cloudy, thus the guestroom become private. Furthermore the staircase have build in storage from both the kitchen for services and from the guestroom for clothes. The overall design are centered around transformation.

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