Type: Co-living
Location: Strandlodsvej 3-5, Copenhagen
Status: Phase 1 completed, August 2019. Phase 2 to be completed January 2021
Area: 3100 m²


With the renovation of the old ‘Filmlager’ (meaning ‘The Movie-Storage’) and the new adjacent building, we want to create a place for students and young adults where the sense of community and belonging is strong. The private units are kept at a minimum size, and as a result, the focus is placed on the shared spaces, with functions such as common kitchens, niches and hang-out spots, reading-corners, cinema, balconies, roof terrace with community spaces as well as a shared green garden.
In order to keep the young residents in the ‘Filmlageret’ community for a longer time and through the different phases of the 20’s to 30’s, the living units varies in sizes and design. Here, you can live as a student in a single room, stay as a couple or live in small apartments as a young family.

The design of the two buildings is based on the unique qualities that are already present on the site today, with the old industrial hall. New and old are linked together through a mutual palette of materials, colours and details. Industrial expressions are key words, as materials are kept raw and honest with concrete and white steel, and both buildings take use of industrial motifs as relief, rhythm, colours and geometrical shapes.

In order to convey the experience of community and identity, our aim has been to use ‘social design’. The exterior facades reflect the inner diversity and life, with colours marking the shared spaces both on the inside and the outside. Places for informal meetings and social interactions are created all throughout the project, and visible construction and pipes tells the story of openness and inclusiveness.




Greens and plants are a consistent element of Filmlageret. Not only with the main garden, which works as a natural meeting-point, but also with a wide range of different plants and green zones: The vertical greenery on the facades and stairs, roof terrace with herb-gardens and common areas with plants to create inviting and active spaces.




Bopa Plads
Løgstørgade 2, Baghuset
2100 Copenhagen

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