Type: Furniture Design
Collaborator: E15
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: Completed, May, 2022

Photos by: Ingmar Kurth, E15
Awards: Dezeen Awards, Shortlisted - Furniture design

With focus on traditional joinery and robust construction, the GAMAR collection comprises chair, stool and wardrobe stand. European oak is the central material, emphasized through the simple geometry of the pieces. The collection was originally developed with Spacon & X as a custom-made collaboration for POPL, a restaurant project of Noma’s chef Rene Redzepi in Copenhagen.


Linear and playful details illustrate the eccentric character of chair GAMAR. Imagined with a modern nod to the rustic wooden chair typology, GAMAR is complemented with optional seat cushions offered in natural, brandy or black harness leather. The design itself is simple with an archetypal structure that has clear influences by Shaker furniture, as well as by traditional Nordic and Japanese furniture-making techniques.

The Gamar chair design was the point of departure from developing the rest of the collection and combines thick and sturdy rods used for the legs with flat elements for the seat, the back and the bracing elements.

The POPL restaurant itself is a rather revolutionary one and has disrupted the previous ideas of the concept of what a burger bar is and how it can look like. The overall perception of a burger bar has in the gastronomic world traditionally been looked down at and almost marginalised. As the collection was originally designed exclusively for this restaurant with a revolutionary concept we saw it suiting to be playful in the process of naming the collection.

Moreover, we saw a similarity between a burger bar and furniture made for ‘Gaming’,  items that have been considered as some of the less valued pieces of furniture in terms of their aesthetic and design, similar to the burger restaurant in the world of gastronomy. As a result, we did a wordplay on ‘Gamer chair’ and changed it into Gamar, meaning to fall in love in Portuguese; meaning that although something seems simple or filled with preconceptions, you can fall in love with its simplicity, honesty and craftsmanship.


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