Type: Furniture Design
Status: Designed in 2020 - Shortlisted design at Dezeen, 2021.

Producer, Collaborator & Distributor: e15

Photos by: e15, Bjørn Bertheussen, and Spacon & X

For the POPL resaurant project for noma, Spacon & X has collaborated with German interior brand e15 to unveil a range of custom-made furniture. Crafted of brown core ash wood, the bespoke collection comprises chairs, stools, coat hangers and various tables, the latter featuring tabletops made out of Richlite, a durable composite of recycled paper and phenolic resin. "For me, the focus of this project is on the use of natural materials and craftsmanship. This is very much in line with the approach to our work at e15." Philipp Mainzer, e15 founder

With focus on traditional joinery and robust construction, the GAMAR collection comprises chair, stool and wardrobe stand. European oak is the central material, emphasized through the simple geometry of the pieces. 

The collection was originally developed with Spacon & X as a custom-made collaboration for POPL, a restaurant project of Noma’s chef Rene Redzepi in Copenhagen.

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