Type: Bakery & Cafe 
Client: Hart
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: Completed, 2021
Photos by: Hedda Rysstad

A new kind of recipe for designing a bakery

Spacon & X was enlisted by Richard Hart and his team, to expand the ecosystem of HART’s popular bakeries around the city of Copenhagen, creating a spatial design with custom made furniture, lamps and artworks. A design that reflects the craftsmanship behind HART’s own product. 

An essential part of this project was to create a spatial identity that takes HART’s successful philosophy of boldness, attention to detail and craftsmanship into account. A couple of years ago HART revolutionised the idea of what a pastry can be, by using recognisable elements combined with customised ones. These aspects were key in designing their new space at Mærsehuset at the island of Holmen in central Copenhagen. Namely to create a design that is balanced between its context, the details and its spatial identity.


On the small island of Holmen, among creative and historical landmarks alongside the lively Copenhagen harbourfront, lies Mærsehuset, Hart bakery’s new location. Mærsehuset is a more than 200 years old listed building and is part of Copenhagen’s cultural heritage. Originally, the building housed the Danish navy's "marshes" - or mast basket, and its horizontal panels and falu-red mud color have been retained. Renovated in 2009, it was later awarded the Mies van der Rohe award as well as Københavns Kommunes Architecture Award.

One of the main goals of the renovation was to preserve the picturesque wood constructions as well as its historical characteristics to open up for creative enterprises. The many doorways on the courtyard side were refined and rebuilt, and an openable facade was created on two floors, which opens up to the generous translucent rooms.

Custom made furniture

Throughout the premises of Hart Mærsehuset, Spacon & X have custom designed a variety of furniture objects and spatial elements, acknowledging the buildings’ historical and cultural legacy combined with the innovative craftsmanship of HART bakery.

The wide bar is made in solid oak wood and treated with linseed oil. The shelfs, tables and chairs are designed by Spacon & X and are made in the same type of solid oak wood and were handcrafted by Nørrebros Snedkerservice to manifest local craftsmanship. The shelfs behind the bar are specifically designed with an aluminium background to amplify the exposure of the bread on the shelf, as the material reflects the light that comes through the ample windows on each side of the building.

A  key aspect when S&X Productions were producing the furniture was to ensure that it can be used eternally, meaning that it is a design that can be incorporated into other possible future locations of HART, taking longevity and sustainability into account. Above the bar and throughout the cafe area the hand made lamp creates an inviting setting with its light and
organic shape.

Another custom made element are the wall pieces that are exhibited at HART. Made of French bakers’ ‘couche’ which are normally used to cure bread so that baguettes and other bread won’t stick together when they rise.
The couche are made of 100 % flax, woven in France and were hand dyed with natural indigo to create the art piece.

Finally, Spacon & X designed a playful backdrop filled with the ‘’HART hand symbol’’ in the bathroom,  allowing customers to interact with the design that becomes omnipresent in its reflection in the bathroom mirror. This was done as it is an essential part of Hart’s brand identity to engage people, which they have done by incorporating a ‘’bathroom selfie mirror concept’’ of customers sharing their pictures whilst engaging with the space.

Essentially, this new and bigger bakery does not only offer a wider range of breads and pastries but also an innovative design-take on local craftsmanship as well as it is a tribute to the city’s cultural heritage.

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