Type: Bakery & Cafe 
Client: Hart 
Location: Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: Completed, 2023
Photos by: Spacon & X

Copenhagen’s meatpacking district (Kødbyen) is known for its white tiling and cobalt-blue touches, so we paid homage to the heritage of the area for Hart Bageri’s newest location. Due to the uniformity of Kødbyen’s aesthetic, the walls had to be left bare. Therefore, we injected color into the space by creating a bespoke yellow-tinged lamp made from mouth-blown glass. The design is based on a French fry: a nod to the wider culinary community.


We used Elm wood to build the shelving solutions, cabinets, the main counter, and the furniture to provide contrast with the cool appearance of the white tiling, walls, and concrete floors. The warm tones of the wood bring a homely, communal feel to the space –– with a heavy brand focus on community, this design aspect was implemented to encourage Hart’s cusomer base to feel welcome. 

We worked alongside Organoid, a company that specializes in natural surfaces, to create a blue counter surface made from compressed cornflowers. This was to incorporate the iconic blue color that’s prevalent within the meatpacking district and to reference the fields where Hart’s flour originates from.
The shelving solutions provide a space for Hart’s merchandise to be displayed. We included cobalt-blue detailing on the shelving systens as a subtle means to honor the signature blue color that Copenhagen’s meatpacking district is known for: an important addition, as Hart is dedicated to respecting the community.


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