Type: Hospitality
Client: Jojo Vesterbro
Status: Completed, May 2021

Photographs by: Spacon & X

During the pandemic Spacon & X was contacted by JOJO, a local hangout spot and eatery in the Copenhagen area of Vesterbro, known for their handcrafted, biodynamic and organic cocktails. The owner, Joakim Rex, started during the lockdown to think about the spatial identity of the bar which resulted in a collaboration to redefine, reorganise and repurpose the space.

The spatial design took its point of departure in JOJOs distinctive brand colors: cobalt blue, pink and coral red to result with a design that yielded a welcoming and warm atmosphere. With its down to earth approach the bar could be described as what Danes would refer to as ‘folkelig’ meaning ‘for the public’, given its ambitious drinks for a fair price and its honest use of local raw materials in their production.

One of the first visible elements that Spacon & X designed and repurposed was the already existing rib wall, reminiscent of an assembly hall. An assembly hall has been an integral part of Danish cultural and organisational life since the 1800s as it enacts the role of being both a place for cultural exchange as well as a gathering spot - aspects that form part of the core values and DNA of JOJO. The rib wall was extended so that it also acts as a space for the guests to store their valuables when at the bar in order to maximise the area that can be used for its intended purpose, namely ‘hygge’.

The reorganisation of the space created a more dynamic yet intimate area, with the bar area acting as a display of JOJO’s products. The bar is made from stainless steel that gives an industrial and raw vibe that contrasts with the warmer and more playful brand colors in the background and on the shelves. The pink color that was used behind the exhibition shelves is according to color psychology supposed to be transmitting positive, calming and soothing energies.

In essence, this was a project based on upcycling, repurposing and circular strategies to enhance what is already there - using a small range of materials in a wide range of ways and combining strategy between preserving and renewing to create a strong sense of identity.

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