Type: Retail Store
Client: Mads Nørgaard
Area: 136 m²
Status: Completed, Summer 2016

collabroation with: Spacon & X & Marianne Tuxen  


Mads Nørgaard is a danish designbrand, designing womens- and menswear and famous for its all season classics. The brand opened two retail stores in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

Combining warehouse aesthetics and art exhibition

We wanted to create an open and spatial atmosphere in a rather long and narrow location, with a designform that makes it possible to quickly shift between the two stores. Establish a meaningfull, autonomous expression, that still is functional. 
A combination of raw and lustrous materials, that not only makes the room reflect in different angles, but also reflects both a feminine and masculine tone. We used cubic forms both for the warehouse-looking shelves and the reflecting display units, which fuses a warehouse aesthetic and an art exhibition and makes the space look wider.

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