Type: Restaurant
Collaborator: Brdr Krüger, New works, Studio 0405, Ingo Mauer, Fredericia Furniture
Location: Denmark
Status: Finished, 2023

Images by: HOLMRIS B8, Bjørn Berheussen and Spacon & X,

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, restaurant AOC has reopened its doors, offering a unique culinary experience that blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. This two-star Michelin restaurant, has in collaboration with design studio Spacon & X created a spatial design that reflects the restaurant's commitment to local suppliers and exceptional quality. The restaurant's menu showcases the best of Danish cuisine, using only the finest ingredients from local suppliers who share the restaurant's passion for sustainability and ethical practices. As such, the design drew powerful inspiration from the rich Danish agricultural heritage and its landscapes; the meadows, the fields, the forests, the sun and the moon.


From the moment you step inside, you are transported to a world of sensory delight, where the artistry of the cuisine is mirrored in a warm spatial design. The attention to detail is evident in every corner of the restaurant, from the caefully curated furniture and decor to the use of high-quality materials that exude a sense of refinement.

The design of this restaurant is in essence a celebration of nature, incorporating natural materials and organic elements throughout the space. One of the standout features is the use of Organoid material, which is made from straw, marguerite, cornflower, sunflower, and wild rose pressed into the surface. This is a representation of the fields and adds a beautiful and unique texture to the furniture. In addition to the Organoid material, the acoustic surfaces in the furniture and the works by Spacon & X create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The pressed elements from the cool forest, including ferns and branches, add a touch of nature to the restaurant.

Acoustics have been an important part of the spatial processing, to create an intimate and warm atmosphere. In order to emphasize the architectural framework of AOC's premises, sound-absorbing elements have been incorporated into the custom made design and their premises. To welcome the guests, a custom made high table appears as a monolith in the room. Bar stools have been designed employing Rockfon's sound-absorbing material covered with the flowers of the fields, thus when the bar stools are placed inside the monolith functions as an acoustic element. When the chairs on the other hand are pulled out, the furniture is transformed into serving their purposes, where guests can enjoy an aperitif and snacks before their meal.

The use of Japanese tiles in the bathrooms adds an earthy and textured feel to the restaurant. The dark soil, which dissolves in the foggy, gray Danish weather, serves as a reference to Danish geology and weather. The lamps made by S&X Productions in beaten brass, imitate the surfaces of nature such as bark, and throw light around the space, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere, reminiscent of the sunrise of an early summer morning. The brass lamps explore various tapping techniques which subtly refer to the trees, leaves and water - their surfaces, structure and reflection of light. This is to subtly bring the guests' thoughts towards an outdoor experience. 

Lastly, the ceramic collaboration between Spacon & X and Atelier 1991, serves as a nod to antiquity and the building blocks of modern society - reflecting the AOC identity. The ceramics are made with the same process as some of the first figurative pottery we know - the famous Venus figure, which is over 25,000 years old. This collaboration brings back the thoughts of the past and creates a beautiful and unique dining experience for the customers.

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