Type: Residential
Location: Denmark
Status: Finished, 2024

Photo credit: August Wille & Standard Practice

For a private client, Spacon & X designed the interior living space of a home in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. A tranquil retreat away from the hecticness of the city, a statement wall was painted in a soft mulberry shade to add warmth in winter and brightness in summer.

Together with fellow Danish architecture and design studio Standard Practice, Spacon & X installed a curved shelving unit made from Scandinavian oak. A built-in upholstered bench and radiator covers-turned-window features also take center stage.

Spacon & X designer August Wille created bespoke handles in cobalt blue for touches of personal expression. Diaphonous curtains by lighting specialist and textile designer Fie Paarup feature sketch-like embroidery by her contemporary Alma Storm. 

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