Type: Installation Design & Window Display
Collaborator: Rains // 2022-24
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Photos by: Spacon & X and Christoffer Regild

For Rains’ Strøget store, we created an installation made from corrugated steel with a textured pattern reminiscent of wood grain for Spring 2024. The piece rotates while dripping with water, reflecting the brand’s product offering –– able to withstand the most temperamental weather.

For the festive season, we created the Rains windows for the company’s many locations. Namely, the Gammel Kongevej and Strøget stores, which both feature fireplace structures dressed in cloth. The latter store also includes a frosted effect on the windows themselves for an icy, seasonal feel.

Having collaborated with Rains for years on their seasonal window displays, we’ve been exploring the realm of interpetation –– As an outerwear brand that specialises in technical gear, it’s our intention to take an explorative approach to design to create installations that reflect innovation. Using alternative materials and abstract thinking, we give rise to structures that are novel, experimental, and memorable.

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