Type: Shop-in-shop
Location: Denmark
Status: Finished, 2023

Images by: Spacon & X

Spacon & X, in collaboration with Remain by Birger Christensen, have created a captivating spatial experience. Drawing inspiration from three core themes – executive realness, empowerment, and individuality – the design approach embraces a sleek and refined style with a keen focus on raw details and materials. The space exudes elegance through a harmonious blend of minimalism and carefully curated elements.

The concept comes to life through a sophisticated and clean design approach, accentuated by a monochromatic color scheme and enhanced by captivating textures, lighting, shapes, and materials. Notably, a backlit wall adds a dramatic accent, casting silhouettes that beautifully emphasize the prominence of the showcased clothing.

A remarkable feature within the space is the intentionally imperfect and raw table, thoughtfully crafted by Spacon & X. It proudly displays its construction process, embracing its natural state. With its unique bent form, the table adds a sense of character and further underlines the project's dedication to celebrating raw details and exuding strength.

Overall, this design achieves simplicity while offering a refined atmosphere. It captures the desired aesthetic and creates an enjoyable shopping experience that celebrates individuality and empowers customers with a sense of ‘executive realness’.

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