Type: Temporary, Set Design
Client: Stine Goya

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: Completed, February, 2023

Photos by: Spacon & X, Vogue Runway


Spacon & X has continued to work with elements of surprise with unconventional use of materials and materiality in our set designs for Stine Goya. For this years’ theme AW23 - Freeze, understanding how water acts and enacts at its freezing points. During the show, acrylic tubes have been filled with a water solution combined with sodium acetate and placed along a curved and foliated runway, reminiscent of the glistening slopes of Aspen.


Icicles are evoked after a foreign object is immersed into the fluid, a chemical reaction that offsets a crystallization process. A runway experience that in the eyes of the viewer is magnified by the acrylic tubes and induces a feeling of visual ASMR. 

Once again, Stine Goya and Spacon & X have aimed to create a unique runway show in which garments, spatial experience and storytelling all come together, this season with a freezing and shimmering effect. 

‘’We are super fascinated by how the runway show format presents an opportunity to create a magical moment for a physical audience. In this relatively short time frame you will see clear water poetically crystallize like ice fractals within minutes inside a minimal layout of seven glass cylinders. The aim for us is to have the audience walk away with an unexpected unique experience, while amplifying the theme of the collection” - Founder & Partner, Spacon & X

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