Type: Temporary, Set Design
    Client: Stine Goya
    Status: Completed, August 2022
    Awards: Shortlisted Dezeen Awards, 2023

    Photographs by: Spacon & X, Vogue Runway

As a natural extension to our great collaboration with Stine Goya for their AW22 show, Spacon & X continued the inspiring teamwork for CPHFW this summer. With a clear aim to push conventional design boundaries and together foster a creative universe integrating alternative materials and practices. Last year, Spacon & X chose to work with digital interpretations of the natural elements fire, wind, air. This year the focus has been to showcase a physical manifestation of the last element - earth - in a way that enhances the beauty in unconventional natural materials. Essentially a journey of reimagining a performative set design from digital to physical this year.

With Stine Goya’s new collection taking inspiration in the 90’s Riot Grrrl movement, where women through art and performance fought for their rights to self expression and not to be contained within rigid social structures, we found the desire to create an installation, that expressed the uncontainable fierce feminine energy, for which the Riot Grrrl movement, as well as Stine Goya, is known for.

As such, the set design Spacon & X worked with takes its point of departure in an inspiration of powerful, expressive and visionary female energies and the nature of such, and results in an exploration of the intersection of chaos and softness that shows the beauty in contrasts.


Through a performative approach, the set design expresses the same release of breaking down barriers. Sand structures have been sculpted in seemingly gravity defying dimensions. Through movement of each individual sandgrain, the columns break free from their compressed confinement, free to reshape the landscape from monolithic repetition to volatile nature, as the space is taken over by millions of tiny unique specks of sand.

During the show, nature reveals its unique and unreplicable sculptural language, defined by its own impressive energy and mass. This year, we have created a connection and a conversation between structure and destruction, between the soft and chaotic, showing the beauty in both, for the SS23 collection “Whisper Loud”.

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