Type: Furniture Design
Collaborators: Vin Super Naturel
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: Completed, September 2021

Photos by: Spacon & X


Cut, folded, powder coated and bolted. Not your typical recipe for a piece of furniture, perfect for an atypical collaboration. The collection is designed by Spacon & X and Ironflag, born out of a supernatural speakeasy in a traditional Japanese restaurant in Copenhagen. VSN and Bento.

The SUPER SUPER collection consists of a shelf, a chair and a bench/side table with a manga inspired bright yellow colour. Its thin aluminium base makes the pieces light as a feather, perfect for moving it around in a busy place like Bento.

In the meeting point between Tokyo and Copenhagen we saw it fitting to regenerate the pieces in aluminium, in wood, built in line with the Nordic design traditions. SUGOI SUGOI Handcrafted in elm wood and with a natural linseed oil treatment to enhance the grain.


The SUPER SUPER furniture balance a simple friendly appearance with a resemblance to hard industrial machinery.

Bent and powder coated aluminium is firmly assembled with chunky black anodized bolts and nuts, underlining the industrial look, while revealing the assembly method in an honest and approachable expression.

SUGOI SUGOI - すごい すごい

As a warm and organic step family, Spacon & X has created an elm wood clone-collection to the SUPER SUPER furniture line - SUGOI SUGOI. Solid elm wood plugged with smoked oak to mirror the iconic bolts from the SUPER SUPER collection, and a natural linseed oil to amplify the dramatic grain of the elm wood.

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