Type: Fashion Trade Booth
Client: Wood Wood
Location: Revolver Copenhagen International Fashion Trade Show, Denmark
Status: Completed, August 2018

Photos by: Sara Stenfeldt and Callum Purcell


A fair is all about temporary constructions, and designing a fair space is a bit like building a stage. Armed with a focus on details and the stories they tell, Spacon & X turned the typical expression of a fair stand inside out with their conceptual design for the Wood Wood exhibition booth at the Revolver Fashion Fair in Copenhagen, August 2018.

The box

From the outside, the booth resembles a box. The structure looks closed off from some angles, but there are several openings, some covered with metal grids, and four ways to enter. First, all you see is the bright color of the raw plywood. When you get closer, you see the W.W.-logo running diagonally across transparent polycarbonate. The exhibition booth is constructed from plaster modules that can be combined endlessly. Parts of the modules are held together with visible plastic strips. Each module is enclosed with the raw plywood and steel profiles. There is no ceiling, but steel rails running above the entrances function to create the experience of entering a completed box structure.'


Either way you chose to enter the booth, you will encounter the exhibited collection hanging from metal tubes that penetrate the plaster modules. The choice of raw materials is provocative, contrasting the overall atmosphere in the grand fair space. Apart from the bold choice of materials, the exhibition booth is rather minimal and made with few means to create a calm, no-bullshit environment. The bright yellow color of the plywood functions as a great backdrop for showing off the collection. The raw materials bring focus to the refined materials of the clothes exhibited in the stand. Instead of working against each other, the contrasts give a sense of both/and rather than either/or. Here, a story of refinement is told – from the raw plywood that can splinter your fingers to the delicate and comfortable garments hanging on the rails. Refinement is forever a process.


The space is raw and rough, which also makes it honest. Honest to the temporality of an exhibition booth, but also to Wood Wood as a brand with deep roots in the underground subcultures of Copenhagen. The collection is exhibited alongside the raw construction materials. These contrasts highlight how the Wood Wood style is not just about the clothes; it is about the attitude. In this universe of contrasts, visitors are invited to appreciate the undone and unpretentious. Fronting these unrefined materials – usually covered to be unseen – echoes contemporary ideals of beauty and style as deconstructed and based on contrasts. Style is a construction site.


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